Healthier and more dynamic during your sleep

with the most effective Aarding™ method: the Grounding sheet

A deeply restorative night's sleep is the basis of a healthy, active and stress-free day.
Simply grounding yourself with a connected grounding sheet during sleep is a productive way to support your health quickly and effectively, without pills, based on the most natural effect on your body. Connecting to the earth has been doing this undisturbed since the origin of our existence. This is how we were designed and developed for thousands of years, barefoot in contact with the ground.
Now you can easily bring this natural energy safely into the bedroom.

Earthing sheets are designed to quickly and naturally harmonise your body's bioelectric balance, the essence of all life processes in us. They can instantly reduce body stress, provide the necessary oxygen to your organs, muscles and tissues, improve blood flow, neutralise inflammation to the core and make your body recover at lightning speed during sleep or at work.

Clint Ober (US) is the founder of the earthing movement and author of the book: "Earthing, the most important health breakthrough ever?"

Using a grounding sheet can be equivalent to adding years of quality to your life, due to its natural and supportive effect on your body and immune system. A balanced body enjoys a deeper night's sleep and optimal health.


Remark:  In Aarding™ products, 5% antibacterial silver wire (between 650 and 900 meters) is woven as standard. This gives the best conductivity without the feeling of the naturally pure organic cotton decreasing your sleeping comfort. The grounding sheet therefore remains healthy and comfortable to lie on. All medical tests have so far been performed on these original sheets. More silver makes no sense in terms of the earthing and durability of the sheets or pillowcases. It just makes the product harder and more expensive.
You can use your own cotton top sheet over the Aarding ™ sheets without reducing the efficiency for your health. This reduces the washes and extends the age of your earthing sheet.

The grounding sheets are of the highest quality and, under normal use, will last as long as a regular sheet. Do not wash with bleach or fabric softeners but with a color detergent.

The information on our site is not intended to replace medical advice. As a result, never delay obtaining medical advice, ignoring medical advice or stopping medical treatment.

De-stress and recuperate in the most natural way

"I experience a lot of good things about the sheet and pillowcase. As soon as I lie down on my bed I have the quietest breath in the world after 1 minute. I'm almost in love with my bed. And I have already had several minor healings ..."

Tine Van Lierde, Antwerp (B)
Civil servant

"In less than half a year the endometriosis cyst in my belly has been reduced from 11 by 9 cm to 6 by 4 cm by sleeping on your earthing sheet every night!"

Karin Rozenbroek, Bavel (Nl)
Child therapist

"A wonder has happened 🤩 for those who have difficulty sleeping, falling asleep or not being able to wake up rested. With this adaptation I woke up rested for the first time in years !!!"

Sabine Baumeister, Brielle (Nl)
Energetic therapist

"I sleep on the sheet and the pillowcase. Sleep better, be more rested, cold gone. Top! You feel everything flow through when you lie down. I am very satisfied. I had to save for it but it's worth every cent."

Wietske Smit, Utrecht (Nl)

These are some individual experiences that may not be representative or appropriate for every user. The names have been partially changed due to privacy protection in accordance with the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Free energy 
during your sleep?

Easier than you think

Ground yourself at night with a grounding sheet

and during the day with a grounding mat or blanket

At night, during your sleep, is the best time to ground and recuperate yourself. In a deeper restorative sleep your immune system gets a natural boost for hours every night so that you can strengthen your health considerably.

Ideal as a start to ground yourself is a grounding fitted sheet around your mattress (they stay nicely in place and guarantee many contact points) with or without an grounding pillowcase if you want to put extra focus on the head, upper back and neck area. The more direct touch points distributed across your body, the better grounding can work for you.

Recovery Bag is a sleeping sheet (bag) with zipper and is used more when traveling, during intensive recovery after surgery & trauma or by athletes who can gain a competitive advantage. It does not depend on the size of your mattress and is therefore useful, for example, at a hotel or at friends.

But when traveling you can also take a Half Sheet, for example, a flat sheet of 90 by 200cm (36" x 80") with 2 extra tuck-in strips in the length of 60cm (24").

For everyday use, however, a grounding fitted sheet is ideal, with or without a grounding pillow cover together in an affordable set. This is a great start.

A grounding blanket is more often used as a wrapper (envelope) to rest during the day eg in the seat when recovering from an intervention, sports performance, strenuous exercise or illness.

You use an extra grounding mat under your wrists when reading, at the computer, or with your feet on it, so that you can also strengthen your body during the day. As with any earthing product, it also effectively neutralises the electrosmog around you.

Some base products

for a good start to earthing and naturally support your health and immune system

More Aarding™ grounding products

Affordable sets, testers, yoga & therapy mats, accessories ...

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