Straight Grounding Extension Cable 20ft (6,1m)

A handy extension cable of 20ft (6.1m). Together with the standard grounding cable of 16.5ft (5m), the reach becomes 17m. You can connect more extension cables if you wish, for an even larger span,  without loss of grounding effect.

You can use this extension cable with the adapter in a wall socket or the grounding rod.

Total reach with the 5m (standard cable) becomes 5m + 6.1m= 11.1m.

You can connect 2 grounding items to this extension cord with a splitter. For 3 grounding items, 2 splitters, etc...

You can use as many interconnected extension cables as necessary without loss of grounding effect.

Note: You can also use your own grounded extension cord to plug in the adapters to get to a grounded outlet.

This extension cable also has a built-in 100 kOhm resistor for extra peace of mind and super safe use.