Vitamin D3+K2 (Liposomal, 250ml, 8.5oz)


With most common supplements, only a small amount is absorbed by the body. Too bad about the money... The solution: liposomes. The only efficient alternative to injection. The active ingredients are encapsulated in ultra-small liposomes (fats) so that they can be absorbed easily and unhindered.

Synergistic composition: D3 + K2

D3 is the best active form of vitamin D and is one of the foundations for good immunity. The combination with vitamin K2 ensures that calcium is absorbed by the bones and does not end up in the veins.

Vitamin D3 is the active form of vitamin D that our body can produce with the help of sunlight. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) plays an important role in the calcium metabolism of the body and ensures a balanced immune system. An extra amount of vitamin D especially helps us when we are rarely in the sun. Unfortunately, we spend less and less time outside, which means that vitamin D deficiency has reached epidemic proportions, according to scientists in the EU.

Natural sea buckthorn berry extract is used as a preservative. They in themselves have many positive effects that mainly have to do with skin, hair, and digestive system. They have a specific natural taste.

Contains no GMOs - no dyes and no synthetic preservatives

 Ingredients per 10ml / daily use per 250ml / bottle
Phospholipids 1.3gr 32.5gr
Menaquinone MK7 (K2) 20µg = 27%*
500µg = 675%*
Cholecalciferol (D3)
1000 IU = 25µg = 500%*
25000 iu = 625µg = 12.500%*
Sea buckthorn extract
1.2gr 130gr
Water (cleaned and purified)

*Reference intake according to EU Regulation No. 1169/2011

10ml per day or 2 teaspoons (half tablespoon)
1 bottle = 25 days per person

Shelf life:
Unopened: see bottle (about 6 months)
After opening: 6 weeks