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What is earthing or grounding?

Grounding or Earthing refers to the process of reconnecting us to the earth through contact with the skin of a conductive material such as grass, sand, rocks, water...


In these modern times, we are no longer connected to the earth as we used to be. As a result, we build up too many positive electrons in our body. When we are grounded, our body has an electrical potential of zero volts, the same as the Earth.


Our body voltage is determined by our own internal tension caused by our metabolism: by the combustion of oxygen, the digestion of food, cramped thinking, fears, etc. ... But also, by external factors: by various electrosmog sources such as electrical house lines, high voltage, WIFI, G4, G5, smart meters, electrical equipment, …


Grounding, direct contact with the earth, resolves these tensions instantly, it is our basic nature. This is how we came into being and evolved as humans. It lowers our body voltage, tension & stress instantly and is easily measurable. Grounding is a continuous total treatment for our system (better blood circulation, hormonal regulation, anti-inflammatory, deeper recovery during sleep, ...).

This gives us more resilience, strengthens our immune system and therefore also our resistance to diseases. Our self-healing capacity becomes optimal again.


By contact with the silver in the grounding sheets, or with the conductive carbon leather in a grounding sleeping mat, easily coupled to the grounding of your house via a grounded socket, you get direct compensating energy from the earth in your body. This completely relaxes your system. Your body functions better, you become more balanced, and a deeper restorative sleep follows, which guarantees a more vital day

What are earth electrons that reach me when earthing?

The earth electrons, which represent the earth (zero) voltage, is no less than solar energy that is discharged into the earth from the ionosphere 50 times per second worldwide by lightning. This is the cause of all life on Earth.

When touching 'battery earth', barefoot or with a grounding product, our own voltage is immediately and perfectly neutralized with a whole range of positive consequences for your health as a result.


Is a grounded fitted sheet better than a grounded flat sheet?

An earthing fitted sheet stretches nicely around your mattress and ensures that you have perfect contact with it all night long. A flat sheet usually dares to shift during the night, although it is best to apply both under your own top sheet.

For a small additional cost, an earthing fitted sheet is recommended over a flat sheet.


Flat sheets, on the other hand, are easy to take with you when you travel or when you sleep with third parties, as they are less dependent on the size of your mattress. They are therefore also perfectly suitable for 'growth' cots.

For daily use, a grounded fitted sheet to the size of your mattress is the perfect solution.


Can I use my own top sheet or fitted sheet on a grounding product?

It is always recommended to use your own top sheet (best made of as much cotton, linen, wool, silk,... as possible because of its absorbency) on top of your grounding sheet or mat. Your body pressure, heat, ambient humidity in the fabric (already sufficient) and perspiration (always happens, winter and summer) will very quickly create a perfect grounding, even with pyjamas or a shirt on (preferably also made of a natural fabric).  Earthing also works in the body 'dissipatively', i.e. via close proximity. So there is no loss of grounding efficiency at all for you so highly recommended.

You can of course continue to use your own mattress pad under the grounding sheet.

Your grounding sheet or mat will last much longer this way. You then have even more cotton as a buffer for the acids in body moisture and perspiration that can affect the silver or carbon over time, than the cotton already present in the grounding sheet itself.

With the grounding pillowcases, there is identical advice. Always best to use your own pillowcase as a buffer for perspiration, skin oils, lotions, ...

Then the pillowcases will do their job for a long time without losing their effect on your body and health.

Just be careful though! This can only be done with high-quality silver yarn or carbon leather and not with cheaper imitations, which are now being offered due to the popularity of earthing: : how to recognise a good grounding product?

What is a grounded outlet?

You can easily recognize a grounded socket by the extra (third) hole in the outlet which is dedicated to grounding. In some countries (e.g., the Netherlands), there are metal strips on the side or a metal pin that protrudes from it. Please check locally on how to recognize a grounded wall socket.

With the socket tester you can check if your socket is properly grounded.

You can find it at the following link:


Alternatively, you can always ground through a pipe from your central heating. They are also always grounded via the boiler (by law).

You need an extra cable with an alligator clip per earthing product:


or for several items, you can use the handy distribution box with an alligator clip:


Or you can ground directly with the handy grounding pin in the ground under your bedroom window (even 1 or 2 high). The fine discrete cable then goes through the window, which closes perfectly (it follows the profile of your window):


If you want to ground several products (e.g., with 1 or 2 grounded pillowcases) or when you need an extra 5m cable, you can also use a distribution box with a standard pin (with the supplied plug adapter or grounding pin):


Can everything be connected to 1 grounded socket?

An adapter plug is included with every grounding product, which allows 2 items to be grounded.

If you have multiple grounding or shielding products, you can work with your own grounded extension cord in a grounded socket and place several supplied adapters in it. Or even better, you can use our standard cable junction box. Then there is no voltage on the extension cord which you would rather not have around your bed: https://aarding.org/products/earthing-distribution-box

You can also use this junction box to connect multiple products to the cable of an earth pin if you so choose, in the absence of an earthed socket nearby.


For multiple connections to a radiator (tube), use the junction box with alligator clip:




The information on our site is not intended to replace medical advice. As a result, never delay seeking medical advice, ignore medical advice or discontinue medical treatment.

Can I use grounding products in addition to other medications and therapies?

Taking medicine, doing therapy and grounding go perfectly hand in hand. Because of the better blood circulation in your body when you ground yourself, you have an even better return for your health of oxygen and nutrients as well as medicines, which are now even better transported through your body to where they can help.

If you are given blood-thinning medication, you should keep in mind that grounding has a similar effect as long as you are connected to the earth. Only while grounding your body does the Rouleaux effect that makes your blood viscous stop. Never just stop medication without the advice of your doctor.

Aarding™ is, in this way, natural as walking barefoot on the earth. It is a natural path to optimal health in harmony with Mother Nature as envisioned and supported by thousands of years of evolution.

Is grounding possible with a pacemaker or defibrillator?

There is absolutely no objection to grounding with a pacemaker or a defibrillator. Just like walking barefoot outside is not discouraged if you wear a pacemaker. Your pacemaker will have less work over time, because by the more even cell voltage, your blood circulation now runs better. Due to the improved blood viscosity, your system also gets a faster oxygen supply, and this has a relaxing effect. These are just some of the many health benefits of grounding.

Grounding, while sleeping and/or working, has a very soothing effect on your cardiovascular system and is therefore very beneficial for your general health.

Give it some time because worn paths sometimes need some time to recover, but grounding always works and for everyone regardless of age or condition.


What is the difference between an earthing sheet and an anti-radiation sheet (radiation shield)?

An earthing sheet is based on conduction and aims to ground your body. This makes your blood more fluid, your hormone balance improves, you get a deeper night's sleep and a better general relaxation. Grounding also has a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effect, so anti-aging, etc. …. 

This happens by the influx of natural earth electrons, which are released from the ionosphere into the earth via 50 lightnings per second, the origin of all life. 

This is the basis for good health and balanced well-being. An earthing sheet already provides a first screen against electrosmog because your body is filled with natural voltage neutralizing electrons.

A radiation sheet (shield) is based on shielding from all kinds of electrosmog (household pipes, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, Dect telephone, high voltage, microwave, smart meters, transmission towers, radar, ...). Made of 100% silver thread, this sheet forms a perfect screen for the tensions from your sleeping environment. It is also grounded so that the own voltages collected by the radiation shield (which normally came into your body) are also neatly grounded, so neutralized. This is unique in the market and essential for perfect shielding. Due to the grounding, it is even more healing for you when touched. 

But earthing is best done on a sheet that you lie on, whether or not in a set with earthing strips. Due to your body pressure, warmth and moisture development, within a few seconds, a quasi-perfect grounding is established.

Ideal is to sleep on an earthing sheet and use a radiation shield on your duvet, a serious investment in your health.

It is best to start with an earthing fitted sheet that is the size of your mattress, best with the earthing pillowcases for a better effect on your upper back, neck and head.

You can perfectly complement this with a Shielding Anti-radiation sheet if you have electrosmog in the area, if you live in an urban area, for example, in the vicinity of a transmission tower or in an apartment building with several WiFis and other radiation sources.

Can the radiation shield also be used as an earthing sheet or mat?

The grounded Shielding™ radiation shield can also be perfectly used as a super grounding sheet that you lie on. Besides shielding all radiation from below, it also completely grounds your body. The radiation shield has no cotton that can buffer the salts and acids in your body transpiration, so you always use it with your own top sheet, preferably made of as much cotton as possible. It has 100% silver thread so it forms an optimal electrosmog shield when you mount it on your comforter (and under your own comforter cover) with the included Velcro or on your mattress (to shield radiation from below). If you put your arm on top of your comforter, or the top part of your comforter comes in contact with your body, the radiation shield cannot transmit its captured charge to your body either because it is grounded. You then obtain additional grounding, even when touched from above. This makes it complementary when grounding on a grounding sheet or a sleeping mat you lie on, but of course you can also use a grounded Shielding™ Radiation Shield for this as a multi-purpose solution (grounding and shielding).


How long do grounding sheets last?

The life of an earthing sheet depends on its use, more specifically the washes and the degree of perspiration. If you wash your grounding sheet monthly (when using your own top sheet, this can be done monthly depending on how much you perspire) then they will last for a minimum of 2 years (3 years is normal, 4 years is possible), with sufficient grounding efficiency for your body. Then the conductivity can decrease.

After 2 years, or if you are in doubt (e.g., in the event of a wrong wash), it is best to check the conductivity of your sheet with the product tester if everything is still OK:


Wash regularly to remove the salts from your perspiration that are buffered in the cotton before they can oxidize the silver.

An earthing sleeping mat has a longer lifespan because it does not depend on correct washing and possible oxidation.

What do I measure with the body voltmeter?

What you measure with the body voltmeter is mainly the unnatural alternating voltage that your body receives from the electrical cabling and devices around you.

When you are grounded this voltage drops which means that everything is connected properly and that the healing earth electrons reach you and can do their work for you, as they have for thousands of years for everything that touches the ground or stands in it.

As you move around in the room the measured values ​​may vary. For example, you can stand on a floor where ceiling pipes run from the lighting of the room below you. When you measure, move your other hand closer to an outlet… the values ​​will still rise. If you now touch a well-grounded product, the meter goes down, this does not have to be zero.

The most important thing is that the earth energy (electrons) reaches you and your body can now relax, anti-oxidize, build your resistance, inhibit infections, etc. ...

Always make sure that the gray display of the voltmeter shows V at the bottom right and not mV (microVolt) so that you compare the correct values. You can adjust this with the 'Range' button.

A correctly performed measurement is very convincing in terms of how grounding works and to see if everything is connected correctly and works for you.

You can find it at: https://aarding.org/products/body-voltage-meter

A clear and simple manual is included.


Do I have a trial period?

You can try all grounding products for free for 2 months after purchase. This way you have complete peace of mind about your purchase.

If you are not satisfied with the functioning, the quality or you think that grounding yourself is not for you, which we doubt because grounding always works for you regardless of your condition and age, it is one of the basic conditions for good health to be grounded, then we will refund the package in full upon return.

You can find our full refund policy at: https://aarding.org/pages/refund-policy

Sometimes it takes a while before you experience results, but grounding helps to build up your resistance from the start and you will definitely feel it in the long run. It is our basic nature to be grounded.

Definitely recommended to keep grounding yourself. It takes no effort at all. 

Mother Earth is very generous to health when we connect with her!

Which payment methods are accepted?

Most debit and credit cards are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, ...) and also various direct payments with your own bank (iDEAL, Sofort, Bancontact, ...)

Dutch customers can also pay via IN3, which gives a payment spread over 3 months without extra costs.

You can also pay after your purchase by bank transfer to:

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