The Body Voltage Meter Set + Hand Rod

The Body Voltage Meter with Hand Rod is the best way of checking if you are properly earthed and if your grounding products are protecting you for what they are designed for. They also give you information on the Electro-Magnetic Fog (EMF) exposures surrounding you by measuring their influence on your body voltage.

We live, work, and sleep, surrounded by EMF, which constantly builds up a harmful electrical charge in our bodies. The Body Voltage Meter measures your body voltage (Volt). It shows you how much effect external radiation fields have on your body's voltage, such as computers, screens, house power lines and equipment, bed motors, electric blankets, heating of water beds, chargers, lights, etc ...) You measure your body voltage in various places in your house (bed, kitchen, office, sofa, ...).

This is an excellent tool to demonstrate how your body's voltage load is immediately neutralized when touching a grounding product (i.e. goes to zero voltage) and to see how well the grounding product works for you.

You can use the Body Voltmeter with any earthing products connected with a grounding adapter, a grounding pin, or a radiator clamp (alligator clip).

The meter also comes with a hand bar and a 5-meter connection cable to facilitate body tension measurements, in addition to the standard black and red cords for normal electrical use.

Note: Not all Voltmeters are sensitive enough to test an earthing product. This multimeter has an accuracy of 0,1 mV (millivolt) and does this job faultlessly. 

Operating instructions

Operating instructions Body Voltage Meter