The Body Voltage Meter

The Body Voltage Tester is the best way of checking if you are earthed well and your grounding products are protecting you as they're designed for. They also give you information on the EMF exposures surrounding you.

We live, work, even sleep surrounded by many Electro-Magnetic Fields, which built up a constant harmful negative electrical charge within our bodies. The Body Voltage Tester can easily measure this charge (Volts) and show you how much effect these fields are having on your body's voltage.

This is a great tool to witness first hand the immediate neutralisation of your body's voltage charge when touching a grounding product, to see how well your product is working for you with an accuracy of 0,1mV (millivolt).

You can use the Body Voltage Tester with as well a wall socket as a grounding rod.

Note: Not all Voltmeters are sensitive enough to test an earthing product. This multimeter has an accuracy of 0,1 mV (AC range) and does this job faultless. As an extra feature it also can measure temperature.

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