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August 23, 2017 4 min read

Sometimes, we just don’t feel in sync with who we are and what we aim to achieve. It could be as simple as an overflowing schedule, new responsibilities, difficult life events, a personal relationship or neglecting yourself. If a few of these signs are manifesting in your life it might be a sign that you are disconnected with your source of well-being. But don’t worry - you can tap into the energy you need and realign yourself whenever you choose to do so.

You Feel Drained By Others

Individuals that are empathic and highly sensitive tend to pick up the emotions of their immediate surroundings, as well as the people they spend time with. If you take on the ‘weight’ of the feelings from those around you, it can become rather overwhelming.

As humans, we want to be able to be grounded and in touch with our bodies and the earth - so that happenings around us cannot easily ‘shake’ us. If you aren’t connected to your source of well-being, such as Mother Nature, you are making yourself vulnerable and susceptible to the issues of others. Without realizing it they are downloading their negative experiences and attitude on you, and you don’t have a source to ‘neutralize’ that energy.

Practicing earthing will allow you to take control of the situation, be grounded and have enough energy to deal with, support and relate to others without damaging your own well-being.

You Aren’t Aware of Your Body’s Needs

Another sign that you’re disconnected from well-being, is your inability to listen to your body’s needs. This could relate to unhealthy eating habits, the lack of exercise and constant fatigue. The same goes for chronic pain and inflammation, which is directly linked with our body’s ability to extract electrons from the earth to stabilize the free radical overflow.

Alongside Grounding, meditation is also a great method to practice when you want to align yourself with your body. When meditating, imagine a tube of energy being released from the core of the earth that’s connected to the bottom of your feet - allow this energy to spread throughout your body and back into the earth. This practice of visualization will reconnect you with your source of well-being.

Practicing physical exercise, especially outdoors; will also help you get in touch with yourself and the wonderful things your body is capable of.

You Don’t Feel Like You Belong

When we don’t feel like we belong, it’s difficult to take action and engage in activities that are based on being part of this connection. Being disconnected from yourself can also overflow in other areas of your life. You might have neglected your self-care, over-worked yourself to the point of burn-out or feel no drive or passion whatsoever.

Regardless of your state of being, the earth’s energy is there to access for anyone that wants to feel connected and grounded again. Although this might be met with resistance initially, grounding yourself will lead to stability, acceptance, and empowerment.

You Are Codependent

“When an individual is locked into being codependent there is an artificial sense of self, but there’s not an authentic sense of self”. -Fractal Enlightenment

It’s important for us to feel in touch with, and confident about living our lives in the minds and bodies that we have. If you find yourself struggling with some ofthe following issues, you might be stuck in a codependent relationship:

  • Relying on the approval of others
  • Low self-esteem and self-worth
  • Difficulty making decisions in a relationship
  • Fearing abandonment and neglect
  • Trouble with identifying feelings or emotions
  • Feeling of responsibility towards the actions of others
  • Difficulty communicating your needs and boundaries

You Constantly Compare Yourself to Others

In this digital age, it’s almost unavoidable to relate your life to that of your friends, family or even strangers. We are more aware of each other's’ hobbies, habits and seemingly ‘perfect’ lives. This can be really damaging and constantly practice these comparisons can leave you with feelings of worthless, envy and downright resentment.

Try to acknowledge that we are all different, you aren’t alone in your struggles and concerns. We all have them. Grounding will allow you to regain perspective on the human race and how we inhabit this world we live in. As mentioned before, when you are in touch with the earth and its energy you don’t need to ‘carry’ all these negative energies and thoughts onto yourself.

You are Controlled by Your Ego

Managing or letting go of your ego is one of the trickier things to do in life. In an era of constant gratification and deterioration of delayed gratification, we are constantly feeding our egos with what we want and need, NOW. An inflated ego can be damaging to your self-actualization as well as your relationship with others. It’s very much a comfort zone of what’s familiar and it keeps prevents you from connecting with your inner well-being.

Luckily there are great ways in which you can ‘kill your ego’ to allow for more enlightenment. Follow these tips and practices:

  • Engage in self-care, awareness and meditation
  • Practice earthing and grounding
  • Learn to forgive and let go
  • Practice being open and honest
  • Listen to the wisdom and teachings of others
  • Surrender your need for control
  • Keep a gratitude journal

Tell us, how do you know when you are disconnected with physical, emotional and spiritual well-being? And how do you usually start the process of healing and reconnecting?

Did you know there is a great alternative te reconnect with the earth during your sleep?

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