Become healthier and more dynamic overnight with the most effective Aarding™ earthing method: the Grounding Sheet.

A good night's sleep is the foundation of a healthy, active and stressfree day to come.

To earth yourself in a simple manner during your sleep is a highly efficient solution to improve your health quickly and drastically, without pills, based on the most natural effect on your body. Connecting yourself with the Earth already does this undisturbed since the origin of our existence. Grounding or Earthing Sheets are designed to quickly and naturally harmonize your body's bioelectrical balance, the essence of all life processes within us. They lower the body's stress instantly, give the necessary oxygen to your organs, muscles and tissues through the improved circulation, neutralize inflammation to the core and let your body recover dramatically during sleep or work.

"Earthing, the most important Health discovery ever?" Clint Ober (author - Earthing)

Buying a grounding sheet is equivalent, by the natural effects, of adding quality years to your life in optimal health.

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Note:   In Aarding™ earthing sheets, a standard 5% antibacterial silver wire (between 650 and 900 meters) is interwoven. This gives the best conduction without compromising the feel of the natural pure organic cotton and your sleeping comfort. The earthing sheet therefore remains healthy and pleasant to lie on. Until now, all medical tests have been carried out on this sheet. More silver does not make sense for your earthing and the durability of the sheet or the pillow cover. It makes the product only harder and more expensive. You can even use a light top sheet over the Aarding™ sheets without losing efficiency for your health.

All connection cables have protections built in against electrical voltage and lightning strikes. Grounding sheets are super safe and are used in medical facilities to improve the life expectancy of premature babies.
The sheets are highly qualitative and, with normal use last as long as an ordinary sheet.

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Earth yourself at night with an Earthing Sheet, Blanket or Recovery Bag

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