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Testimonials for Grounding Products - Aarding™ 

These testimonials were received in various forms through a variety of submission methods. They reflect the real-life experiences of verified individuals who used our products. However, individual results may vary according to the lifestyle, age and condition of the grounded person.

Disclaimer: All information on this site is not intended to replace the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional. Never delay seeking medical advice, ignoring medical advice, or discontinuing medical treatment because of the information provided.

Yes, yes, yes - wonderful, just, wonderful! I currently sleep on the 2nd floor so earthing is ideal for me.

Wish I had found it sooner and was looking for a stronger connection to earth in general when I came across it - I really had no idea it would help my arms/hands/fingers so much. What a delightful surprise.

My arms/hands are beginning to have carpel tunnel and they hurt from my fingers up to my elbow's. I put the mat in front of my keyboard so my whole forearm is resting on the desk/pad while I type. I felt the tingly healing begin right away. That's why I rest as much of my arms on the pad as possible. With the instant results, I kind of end us arm/lying on the mat all day because it feel's so good. The mat is a little too flimsy to hug - but the intention is there (insert fat tear of joy dripping from my eye).

As for the half sheet, it was great too because your whole body/nerve endings want to tingle with blood/energy. Talk about pumping up the circulation. No more nightly leg cramps! Take that apple cider vinegar.

I just bought a full size sheet so I can get EVEN MORE contact all night. Then I bought the pillow case, another mat, then the car mat, etc.... I'll just take one of everything and put them everywhere.

R. Blackwood (CA)


I like to tell my story to whoever wants to hear it:

I have 20 years of MS in a secondary progressive form. I started reading the book, Earthing knew immediately that grounding could help me. I then sat down on the grass with my bare feet, and after three minutes started my daily round. I noticed that my legs were much stronger than usual. I did this for three days straight. I was convinced and I immediately purchased an earthing sheet for my bed. After two days I could again lift my leg so I was able to mount a staircase again. A miracle, I did the three steps in succession !!! I was quite handicapped by my MS and even had a walker and eventually purchased a scoot-mobile. Miraculously I walk a greater distance now with or without a walker and the scoot-mobile is locked in the barn, which I can sell now. As if I no longer have MS. . . .

I tell anyone who will want to know (or not). I am sooo happy. I can imagine that this does not count directly for each MS patient, but it's certainly worth a try!

Anette Kerkhof (Nl)


For a year I use the grounding products and every day again I notice how positivily my body responds. After a busy day, I feel my feet and palms tingle when I put them on the sheet or mat. I also notice how much faster than before my muscles and stiffness restore now. I sleep much firmer and deeper with the grounding sheet. By usig the earthing mat at the computer and in front of the TV I'm much less tired, because I no longer suffer from electrical and electronic radiation. The pain in the lower abdomen which previously appeared when I use the laptop on the lap after a few hours, is completely gone. When I travel, I take along my Recovery Bag by which I no longer suffer from jet lag. Also a nice surprise for me was an earth blanket that I use for a few weeks now! I'm doing my transcendental meditation under this blanket, blissfully warm and soft! The diving in myself is deeper so I recover much faster. In short, I am very excited and would not want to be without anymore!

Svetlan Shichova (B)

TM Teacher

From the first moment I experience my bed as a welcome hug like I'm in a cloud. I'm wide awake and have no stiff muscles anymore. I feel as if the Earth makes a field around my body, so I lie evenly warm in bed. In short, I think that, in combination with DOOOZz, I got the best stable sleeping environment in these turbulent times.

Sylvia Carrillho (Nl)

Grafic Designer/Publisher

The importance of grouding is huge and shoule have much more attention throughout the healthcare system.

Walk barefoot in nature (I do this regularly), good breathing, eating grounding food etc. are all tools that work, only the present problem is the amount of disturbance around us and in us. We live in closely built areas, houses have become better insulated, air has to be purified mechanically, radiation is everywhere and only increases, all the impulses increase. That's why grounding yourself is a key solution.

Els Zeldenthuis (Nl)


As an independent researcher, for many years I have been in touch with the beneficial effects of earthing. For 5 years now I use an earthing sheet and an earthing mat so I'm connected nearly 24/24 with mother earth. The positive effects of earthing can not be overemphasized. Therefore I recommend that everyone should ground themselves more.

Johan Cools (B)

Architect/Health Researcher