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November 15, 2017 4 min read

Disconnecting with the earth isn’t something that just happens overnight. The disease of busyness is taking the world by storm, and we have a million excuses for this disconnect. Reconnect with the earth to keep yourself grounded, balanced and confident. Appreciating the beauty and wonder of nature is your bones; but if you’ve forgotten how we’ve compiled a list of ways to reconnect with Mother Nature:

Start Hiking and Walking Outdoors

Making a habit of hiking is one of the best things you can do for your health and wellness. It allows you to physically connect to the earth while admiring its beauty, and release endorphins through exercise. Hiking and walking outdoors can also be a fun way of exploring nature with your family and friends - without the distractions of everyday life.

Volunteer at an Organization

The earth gives us so much without expecting anything in return, but it’s our responsibility to look after our precious home. Reconnect with the earth, and say ‘Thank you’ by volunteering for a beach clean-up, walking animal shelter dogs or take part in community gardening.

Digital Detox Days

Sometimes it’s not a lack of desire that prevents us from being in touch with nature, but rather too many distractions. Taking a break from technology will eliminate a big element of distraction and you will be able to listen to what your body and mind want to do. If it seems too daunting, start byswitching off your phone, computer and other devices from Sunday morning until the afternoon.

Go Camping in Nature

The best way to practice earthing is skin to earth touch. Plan a weekend of camping for your family or friends where you are fully immersed in nature - and allow the healing to take place. It would be even better if you sleep directly on the ground and walk barefoot the entire weekend.

Play in the Dirt

We forget how freeing and adventurous we were as children. A puddle of mud could keep us entertained for hours! For some reasons we’ve become reluctant to getting ‘dirty’ - but that’s one of the best ways to reconnect with the earth. Gardening is a brilliant way to engage with the earth and soil, and also give the gift of planting something new.

Wake Up with Nature

Instead of grabbing your smartphone and checking if you have notifications or messages, start your day by inviting nature into your home. It could be as basic as opening the curtains and becoming aware of how nature is around you. Listen to the birds chirping, the wind playing through the leaves and take in all the textures and colours of your surroundings.

Starting your day by being aware of all the natural elements around you will automatically reconnect with nature and Mother Earth.

Indoor Plants for Your Home

Unfortunately, we cannot all immerse ourselves in nature on a daily basis, but there are alternatives. Featuring indoor plants in your home is a constant reminder of the presence of nature. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but certain indoor plantsimprove the air quality in your home. Watering your plants will also remind you of the responsibility we have as humans to nurture and love what we have.

Eat From the Earth

Starteating from the earth These days our foods are filled with preservatives and toxins that we might not even be aware of. Opting for clean and healthy eating can benefit your body, its health and the way you think about food. Before you eat something, ask yourself what it’s made of and how nutritious it will be for your body. Stay away from products with more than three ingredients.

Talk to Nature

Although you might have been raised that plants, trees, rocks and natural elements don’t have souls - there’s still a type of spiritual connection we have to these elements. It might feel strange at first, but have you tried communicating with these elements?

Apart from acknowledging their existence, you will become aware of what it’s like to be a ‘tree’. Although they might not communicate back verbally, the connection in itself is enough to make you feel in touch. You might even have an epiphany about your own life and current struggles because of this interaction.

Drink your Coffee or Tea Outside

Lunch breaks can be the ideal time to get back in touch with the earth. Instead of drinking your coffee at your office desk and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, take your drink outside. Find a nice and quiet spot and use this moment as your alone time with nature. Sit on the ground or in a park, if you can - and soak in some rays while you are at it.

Watch a Sunrise or Sunset

Appreciate the beauty of a sunrise and sunset. Try to watch one at least once a week. Think about the cycles of life, the opportunity that comes with ‘new’ days and make a list of everything that you are grateful for. Whenever you see the sun you will make the connection to gratitude and admiration.

If you don’t find the time to practice all of the above-mentioned tips and tricks you can also invest in your wellness with earthing products such as Earthing Mats, Sheets and Blankets in order to boost your progress of feeling more connected to the earth. These products make a great and healing simulation for when you're not always able to enjoy the 'real thing'.

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