Straight Grounding Distribution Box - Alligator Clip

With this convenient distribution box with an alligator clip, you can connect up to 4 standard connection cables of all grounding products with a pipe of your central heating, which are always grounded through the kettle/burner.

This ensures perfect grounding if you do not have a grounded outlet in the vicinity or can not work with a grounding rod.

If necessary you can add even more then 4 extra grounding products to this handy grounding box by adding 1 or more additional splitters (see image).

You can also use the supplied metal or plastic straps to help connect the crocodile clamp to the conductive pipe of your choice.

Both the cable with alligator clip and the standard cable with pin fit on the snap button of this distribution box.

This connection cable is extra protected, like all our cables, with a 100 kOhm resistor for complete peace of mind.

User manual

You can download the user manual to connect the alligator clip here.