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Straight Alligator Clip Cable Set, 5 m (16ft)

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This handy Connection Cable with Alligator Clip is an alternative to the standard supplied connection cable with a grounding pin that comes with every grounding item.
It connects a grounding product to a metal radiator pipe, radiator, or coupler when there is no grounded outlet nearby or when a ground stake is unavailable.

Radiators and their metal pipes are always grounded via the boiler/burner, and ground excellent for you.

You can also use the supplied metal or plastic straps to connect the crocodile clamp to the conductive pipe/radiator chosen.

The alligator clip must be connected to a metal section of an unpainted pipe, radiator, or joint. If necessary, you can scratch a little paint off the back of a pipe. This is invisible and can be very minimal.

The cable is extra secured for your safety with a 100 kOhm resistor for complete peace of mind.

User manual

You can download the user manual here.