Straight Alligator Clip Cable Set, 5 m (16ft)

All our products come standard with a 5 meter (16 ft) connection cable.

As an alternative, this cable has an alligator clip and is used to connect your grounding product to a metal radiator tube or joint if there is no grounded outlet in the vicinity or a grounding pin can't be used.

Radiator pipes are always grounded via the boiler / burner and earth great for you.

If necessary, you can also use the supplied metal or plastic straps to connect the crocodile clamp to the conductive pipe chosen.

The alligator clip needs to be connected to an unpainted pipe or joint. If necessary you can scratch a little paint off the back of a pipe. This is invisible and can be very minimal.

The cable is extra secured for your safety with an 100 kOhm resistor for complete peace of mind.

User manual

You can download the user manual here.