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Set Grounding Heel Straps (2 pcs)

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The Grounding Heel Strap converts any shoe into a Grounding Shoe. 
You are now also fully grounded on your outdoor walks when walking on grass, sand, soil, or concrete. A great and very simple way to harvest extra healing electrons while spending time outdoors.

The long grey strip is placed inside the shoe so that direct contact with the sole of your foot is created. Socks can be kept on perfectly. Due to the pressure, heat, and perspiration, a perfect grounding is established within seconds. You can also apply the strip over the edge of your sock so that it makes direct contact with your skin.

The adjustable velcro strap ensures that the heel strap fits well on every shoe.

The red elastic band goes comfortable around the heel.

The wide black band, which is very strong and highly conductive, goes at the bottom of the shoe sole to ensure contact with the earth with every step.

The Grounding Heel Straps are very easy to apply.