Grounding Mat Carbon Leather 26x68cm (10" x 27") Incl. cable 5m and adapter

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High quality Universal Earthing mat of conductive, vegan-friendly, carbon leather (26 x 68cm, 10" x 27"). Ideal as wrist support (as well as a mouse pad) while computing, reading or handicraft or to sit barefoot on it.

This grounding mat is superior to models on the market in black rubber, which transmit color by frequent use, suffer as such conduction losses and therefore usually need an extra wrap.

The more grounded you are, also during the day, the faster your body's natural bioelectric state can find its balance and your self-healing power can be strengthened.

Contact us if you have questions (also reg. earthing and your health) or if something is not clear to you.


This Grounding Mat comes with a standard connection cable 5m (16ft) and a handy wall socket adapter.
When you don't have an earthed wall socket handy, it's difficult to reach or while traveling, a grounding rod (also available online) can be used, which very simply connects the mat to the ground by a fine 12-meter cable. This grounding pin can easily be placed through a window (which can still be closed perfectly) and inserted into the ground, even if you sleep 1 or 2 floors high. The built-in resistor is also provided here for added security and peace of mind.

Do you live too high for the pin or have no garden or ground under your window? You can also perfectly ground through a metal pipe of your central heating. They are also always earthed via the boiler (by law). For this we have handy alligator clips available or a distribution box with alligator clip.


The Grounding Mat does not consume electricity and never comes into contact with it. In fact it can protect you from the electrosmog near you due to the presence of the earth's neutralising electrons. It is safely connected only to the grounding of your home by the adapter (plug) in a grounded wall socket. A regular grounded extension cord can also be used to plug the adapter into, as long as this extension cord is also plugged in a grounded wall socket.
For your peace of mind, an extra 100 kOhm resistor is always built into the cable, even safe for children and baby's.


The Grounding Mat mat has a good degree of dirt resistance and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent or cleaning product.


Grounding, the physical connection with the earth, works always in terms of lowering your body's voltage to the earth's voltage which is close to zero. No hocus pocus, plain measurable physics. However, everyone is unique in his or her physical condition depending on various lifestyle factors (food, environment, medication, exercise, age, ...). As such results might vary for every person.

We never intend to make a claim on the medical outcome of grounding. The information on our site is not intended to replace medical advice. As a result, never delay obtaining medical advice, ignoring medical advice or stopping medical treatment.