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3. Ground yourself with an earthing sheet or mat

Ground yourself at night with an Aarding™ bottom Sheet, Mat or Recovery Bag

and during the day with a grounding mat at the computer or a blanket

At night, during your sleep, is the best time to ground and recuperate yourself. In a deeper restorative sleep your immune system gets a natural boost for hours every night so that you can strengthen your health considerably.

Ideal as a start to ground yourself is a grounding fitted sheet around your mattress (they stay nicely in place and guarantee many contact points) with or without an grounding pillowcase if you want to put extra focus on the head, upper back and neck area. The more direct touch points distributed across your body, the better grounding can work for you.

Recovery Bag is a sleeping sheet (bag) with zipper and is used more when traveling, during intensive recovery after surgery & trauma or by athletes who can gain a competitive advantage. It does not depend on the size of your mattress and is therefore useful, for example, at a hotel or at friends.

But when traveling you can also take a Half Sheet, for example, a flat sheet of 90 by 200cm (36" x 80") with 2 extra tuck-in strips in the length of 60cm (24").

For everyday use, however, a grounding fitted sheet is ideal, with or without a grounding pillow cover together in an affordable set. This is a great start.

A grounding blanket is more often used as a wrapper (envelope) to rest during the day eg in the seat when recovering from an intervention, sports performance, strenuous exercise or illness.

You use an extra grounding mat under your wrists when reading, at the computer, or with your feet on it, so that you can also strengthen your body during the day. As with any earthing product, it also effectively neutralises the electrosmog around you.