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About us


"Aarding™ is committed to providing you with the most affordable, high-quality, and medically tested grounding products that will help you achieve better health, healing and vitality quickly and efficiently, in the most natural way."

AARDING™ pledges to make the shift from 'profit at any cost' towards a dedication to healing and support of all of us and our planet.

" 'Coincidentally' I met an old study friend, architect and health researcher Johan Cools, somewhere in Bruges (Belgium) who asked me in. Soon the conversation came up on the book of his hand that is being made: 'Lifestyle Kills' and that sheds light on how we make ourselves sick by leading an unconscious lifestyle, walking with the masses, not questioning anything and silently forgetting what life really means.  In this awareness process, a whole range of solutions is presented of which it becomes clear that grounding yourself, both mentally and physically, is an extremely important aspect. Consciously reconnecting with the processes that are going on in and around us and with which we have lost contact, is more than beneficial for our body and mind, as inseparable as they are.

For years I struggled with a sinus backdrip that triggered a chronic laryngeal infection through the pharynx. I lost my voice almost completely by putting an unnatural pressure on it. An operation was necessary to remove unwanted tissue. Well on the way to a carcinoma. I heard from a friend, a medical researcher, that grounding yourself was very beneficial.
I put it to the test with argus eyes. I started grounded sleeping.

During the day I also connected myself to the ground and trusted that Mother Earth knew what to do. Very quickly my sleep deepened and I became more alert during the day. First small ailments disappeared and after a few weeks I noticed that my windpipe & lungs no longer had those years of inflammatory pain. My voice miraculously gained back on strength.

Skepticism quickly turned into gratitude for the enormous natural battery of healing energy, which is ultimately the earth, where we can easily connect to for better health and balance. And all this just for free under our feet!
I delved further into the science of earthing and took on the task, in an ever-increasing enthusiasm, of making this known to as many people as possible who have arrived at the point of becoming more aware of their bodies and the cures nature has in store. In the meantime, thousands of people have already enjoyed this regained primal connection. If you are ready to allow the healing effect of nature and want to approach your body with its highly efficient and powerful healing energy, then earthing is a natural gift for you and the results will make you more than thankful. "

- Ludo Verstraete (Orthomolecular practitioner with passion for Naturopathy, Chi-Neng Qi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, TM meditation, mountain biking and long forest walks)