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Dr. Deepak Chopra
(Doctor, endoctrinologist, author)

A spontaneous response from Deepak Chopra (physician, endoctrinologist, author), without wanting to be a medical claim, about the effects of grounding on our body.
Can something so simple, when you literally connect yourself to the Earth, have an impact on your health and vitality?
Can this (re)connection with nature be a key to a stronger resistance and immune system?

Good news! Discover what grounding, physical contact with nature itself, effectively does with our biology and how it can help solve our stress and tensions (our own and received). Measurable, because we do not believe in 'it just happens' ...

If you ground yourself, barefoot or with your skin in contact with the earth, then one of the most natural effects on your body happens with which we as humans have been developed for thousands of years, but have long been isolated from. This is the essence of how our bodies have always functioned biologically.

Read on to find out why bringing yourself back into contact with the earth, and with the specially developed and very easy to use earthing products you can take that literally, can mean a turning point for your health, your vitality and your well-being. Both physically and mentally because both are intensely connected in one body.

More good news. Now you can enjoy the many benefits of grounding all night long and also during the daytime work, to help you relax and rebuild your resistance naturally. A basic condition for optimal health and better recovery from stress or efforts.
The claim of the founder of earthing, Clint Ober (US) that this is perhaps the greatest health breakthrough ever, we lay aside for a moment. It is a fact that grounding yourself is ready for you to reveal its secrets to you.

10 clear points about what
grounding can mean for your health

"Why I want to share my passion for earthing with you"

Ξ Ludo Verstraete
Orthomolecular practitioner with a passion for natural medicine, Kundalini Yoga, TM meditation, cycling in nature and long forest walks

 Disclaimer: This is a personal story, every body is different. Results may vary individually.

"For years I struggled with a sinus backdrip that triggered a chronic laryngeal infection through the pharynx. I lost my voice almost completely by putting an unnatural pressure on it. An operation was necessary to remove unwanted tissue. Well on the way to a carcinoma.

I heard from a friend, a medical researcher, that grounding yourself was very beneficial. I put it to the test with argus eyes. I started grounded sleeping. During the day I also connected myself to the ground and trusted that Mother Earth knew what to do. Very quickly my sleep deepened and I became more alert during the day. First small ailments disappeared and after a few weeks I noticed that my windpipe & lungs no longer had those years of inflammatory pain. My voice miraculously gained back on strength.

Skepticism quickly turned into gratitude for the enormous natural battery of healing energy, which is ultimately the earth, where we can easily connect to for better health and balance. And all this just for free under our feet!

I delved further into the science of earthing and took on the task, in an ever-increasing enthusiasm, of making this known to as many people as possible who have arrived at the point of becoming more aware of their bodies and the cures nature has in store. In the meantime, thousands of people have already enjoyed this regained primal connection. If you are ready to allow the healing effect of nature and want to approach your body with its highly efficient and powerful healing energy, then earthing is a natural gift for you and the results will make you more than thankful. "

The secret of grounding. The 'Missing Link' for your well-being?

Grounding yourself is not a psychological effect that briefly works because you are so excited by what is promised. Earthing is pure body physics and is now also finding its way into mainstream medicine (2). It's as essential for your system as eathing and breathing. Recent scientific results constantly confirm the importance of earthing for your health. (1-20)

For thousands of years we have been in constant contact with the earth through a more natural lifestyle. We have evolved together with the earth and are inseparably energetically connected in its electromagnetic field, which includes the free electrons in the earth.

However, we have lost touch with the earth by living in isolated houses and living on rubber soles. We hardly ever walk outside barefoot again, maybe very temporarily in the summer on the beach or while traveling.

However, our body must be grounded as much as possible, preferably 24 hours a day.
Stress, both physical and psychological, increases in our body with bad sleep, burn-outs and a wide range of civilization diseases as a result.

Restoring the essential connection to the earth through direct contact with that huge battery of energy under our feet, which is perfectly matched to our body, brings back the necessary balance quickly and naturally. Your immune system strengthens day after day. You recover more quickly and complaints disappear one by one, without distinction if they are simply annoying or life-threatening.


""We have evolved with the earth and are inseparably energetically connected."

Grounding yourself works instantly, is medically supported and can easily be measured (3). Your body stress can decrease(4) and your blood can flow better now(5) so that your organs can be better supplied and can therefore perform better again. Your hormone cycle can stabilise (6). Your sleep is mostly deeper. Your immune system can recover. Burnouts can now be tackled effectively. Earthing can rejuvenate your metabolism and can neutralise inflammation(7)(8), the causes of almost all ailments(1) according to Clint Ober, the founder of earthing. JYour body can now recover quickly during your sleep or even during work."

Easy-to-use earthing products have been developed as a fully-fledged alternative to restoring this essential and healing contact with the earth.

Disclaimer: Never delay obtaining medical advice, ignore medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on our website.

How does it work scientifically - in simple words?

Grounded sleeping or working should not be missing in your package of healing self-care.
In addition to a healthy diet, regular exercise and mental relaxation, grounding is an essential factor for your health and immune system, for which you have to do virtually nothing.

By living, breathing in oxygen and digesting food, we are constantly oxidising (ageing). We continuously build a measurable static field of tension in our body of charged positive (+) electrons (protons). These are the remains of our daily metabolic process, also called free radicals, nothing less than electrical charges (voltage) in our cells. These harmful protons try to neutralise themselves by snapping around (discharging) in your healthy genetic material and thereby initiate micro-inflammations, thousands per day. This is the basic cause of most infections and diseases. Your cell voltage increases, your resistance is put to the test, your immunity decreases and you get inflammations that can start to grow into something more serious.

We can slow down this process by eating a healthy diet with lots of antioxidants (vegetables and fruit) and possibly by taking targeted nutritional supplements.

Our earth, however, is a gigantic and inexhaustible reservoir of negative (-) electrons, which instantly brings your built-up body tension (+) back into natural balance with direct contact. This is our basic bio-physics. You literally discharge when in contact with the earth and you constantly receive natural anti-inflammatory drugs. Your immune system is instantly relieved and is able again to fulfil its core task: to boost your vitality and health and keep diseases and ailments at bay.

This process happens perfectly when you sleep on an earthing sheet or use another earthing product to connect to the earth. In this naturally recovered balance, your ageing process can slow down, your recuperative capacity (immune system) can be optimised again and your body can recover vigorously(9).

In 10 points: what happens when you ground yourself

A brief summary of the key points of the published scientific articles on grounding the body.
The references are at the bottom of this page.

Disclaimer: De informatie op deze site is niet bedoeld als vervanging van het advies van een arts of een andere gekwalificeerde zorgverlener. Resultaten kunnen individueel verschillend zijn.

1. Can lower stress in the body(2)(3)
2. Can improve blood circulation(5)
3. Can combat Inflammation(7)(8)(9)
4. Can boost your immune system(6)(8)(13)
5. Can protect against burnout & hormonal imbalances(2)(6)
6. Can effectively address muscle and joint pains(7)(12)(13)
7. Can result in a deeper sleep through a more relaxed nervous system(3)(6)(11)
8. Can accelerate recovery after exercise (sports) & trauma(14)(16)(17)
9. Can protect against electro-pollution (EMF)(2)(18)
10. Can have a rejuvenating effect on the entire body(15)(19)

Your body is a carefully connected system, nothing works separately. When grounding, all your organs, muscles and tissues relax first and then recover from underlying sources of infection through the exchange of earth electrons, the purest antioxidants. Your organs, nervous system, hormone system, blood circulation, immune system and resistance strengthen hour after hour, day after day. You systematically feel fitter and more vital again and you master ailments an illnesses much quicker.

10 clear points about what
grounding can mean for your health

An experience as we speak

    Disclaimer: This is a personal story, every body is different. Results may vary individually.

How fantastic, the effect of grounding in your sleep! I'm completely surprised. Did not expect to see such a result the first night.
Last night my skin felt completely smooth and soft. The soft vibration of my body was palpable, yet I could sleep well through it.
And then this morning .... I got up beautifully and found that the content of my dreams was different, more profound. I was immediately happy too.
Now I am just sitting at my laptop and feel the tension just returning. Fortunately, there is something for that: your earthing mats. Do me immediately 2 with a splitter. And if you still have demonstration models on offer, please.
These tools are too important for my health !!!

Caroline C. (Nl)

Gentle grounding on sheets with silver yarn.

earthing sheet and pillow with wall socket adapter

When you sleep grounded or use grounding product, the natural process of relaxation and cell enhancement works continuously. After all, you are directly connected to the earth's battery. In this regained balance, your aging process is inhibited and your recuperative capacity (immune system) is optimised again so that your body can naturally recover (10).

Due to the recent development of earthing products, you can now sleep fully grounded. The smartly grounded sheets of high-quality organic cotton are interwoven with a grid of fine antibacterial silver yarn that is connected to the earth. A secure adapter is used in a grounded socket or alternatively via a simple grounding pin with a small discrete cable in the soil outdoors. This way you can optimally rest for hours in the most beneficial conditions, in a deeper, recovering and healing sleep. Your body recovers many times faster and your health becomes optimal again in the most natural way. No disease is irreversible. What looks like a small miracle is nothing less than the way in which nature puts us back in our power, as we evolved and what always happened for us.

How quickly do I feel results?

    Disclaimer: Every body is different. Results may vary individually.

Source(8): The Biologic Effects of Grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. M. Ghaly, D. Teplitz. The Journal of Inflammation Research. 24-03-2015

If your adrenal glands have to produce the adrenaline hormone, cortisol, for too long due to persistent stress conditions, there will come a time when they will protest and give up. This is a signal from your body, the so-called burnout, that you need an energetic revitalization. Recent scientific studies show irrefutably that the cortisol level in our bodies, which also determines our energy level during the day, is harmonized by grounding(8). When we get up in the morning, this value is high and it gradually decreases during the day, as it should, without fluctuations.

Grounding yourself, connecting yourself physically to the earth, works instantly and for everyone regardless of age or condition, we are made and evolved as such. In fact, grounding can work great with animals, with which we share basic physiology. Animals are still more in contact with the earth, because they do not wear shoes, and therefore can maintain a stronger immune system.

Earthing, contact with nature, in addition to healthy food, exercise and relaxed thinking is the basis of radiant health. Sleeping deeper for 7-8 hours at night and experiencing the healing effect of the earth electrons can be the most beneficial thing you can do for your body. This can be compared to a very long barefoot beach or forest walk, every night, while you sleep. Most people can stop snoring immediately. In addition to the relaxation, you now also constantly get the subtle but effective influx of natural energy that our body knows and recognises. Ideal for dealing with your stress and making room for more strength and vitality(12).

In the long term you can notice that colds and flu can have a different course, strongly decrease or simply no longer break through. This indicates an immune system that is doing its job for you again. Your sleep can now become even deeper, calmer and more restorative(6). Feet and legs can feel warm again due to the better circulation. Your skin can glow again. You can think more clearly again, with less 'brainfog'. You can feel fitter and more vital sooner. You feel more active again and your day can fill in positively.

Over time, grounding can help to systematically eliminate the underlying causes of most chronic diseases, infections at the cellular level, and can help you recover vigorously (13)Joint pains (rheumatism, arthritis, ...) and muscle pains can gradually decrease (7) (14). Because of the constant relaxation and better sleep, your hormonal system can come back into balance. Female cycles and transition can be relieved. Your intestines also can work better and your food can convert easier in eg. serotonin (joy hormone) that in the evening, with weakening light, turns into melatonin which gives you a better sleep. In the morning you can get up with an optimal cortisol curve (6) (adrenalin hormone from the adrenal gland) that, after awakening, can give you a hand in your back all day long. Burn-outs can therefore perfectly be supported by earthing yourself until they can recover completely and permanently.

By grounding yourself, you immediately can get a better blood circulation (5). This is because your blood can become less viscous (syrupy) due to the more even surface tension. The blood can become 'rounder' and can flow better. This can give your organs and tissues a better flow (15) of oxygen, nutrients and medication and a quicker detox. They can function better and can recover faster. Thanks to the improved circulation, you not only can reduce the risk of heart failure, but you also eg. can suffer less from cold limbs in bed (11).

Experiences as they come in

    Disclaimer: These are submitted personal stories and not claims, every body is different. Results may vary individually.

I experience a lot of good things about the sheet and pillowcase. As soon as I lie down on my bed I have the quietest breath in the world after 1 minute. I'm almost in love with my bed. And I have already had several minor healings.

Tine V M (Antwerp, B)

It works enormously! I could not live without it; the first days are special, even my husband noticed it enormously; now I am already used to my good night's sleep ...

Mariken v O (Dordrecht, Nl)

Already after a first night of sleeping in a recovery bag my hot flashes where I have been troubled with for more than 10 years have been reduced by 2 third .... super happy with this️.️

Mau Reen (Nl)

How do I start best?

The ideal start is to ground yourself with a grounding fitted sheet the size of your mattress.
Fitted sheets stay tight all night (which a flat sheet does less) and can guarantee as such an uninterrupted grounding of your body. You can supplement your fitted sheet with an earthing pillowcase (available in set) for even more focus on your upper back, neck and head.
During the day you can also top up by eg. a grounding mat under your wrists on your computer (also useful as a mouse mat) or barefoot on it while sitting.
Your body tension therefore immediately drops and your body constantly and naturally receives the healing and anti-inflammatory energy from the earth. (3)

Plugged in at night, hola?

Not really! Using a grounding adapter that looks like a plug can cause confusion. This adapter plug goes into a grounded power outlet but is completely separate from all electricity. It only provides connection to the grounding of your socket. The 2 pins of the adapter are made of synthetic material. Only the earthing is connected to the earth via the earthing loop of your house. The sheet therefore consumes absolutely nothing, more so, grounding eliminates efficiently all radiation and electrostress that your body can receive during your sleep (WiFi, GSM, microwave, high voltage, alternating voltage due to poorly insulated electrical house lines, etc ...).

If you don't have a grounded power outlet nearby (most wall sockets are grounded these days) or can't access it with a (standard) grounded extension cord, you can simply work with the Grounding Pin or simply connect everything with a Crocodile Clip to a piece of unpainted pipe of your central heating. They are also always grounded.

Can I wash earthing sheets?

Very simply, like any other sheet, you should wash earthing sheets regularly without affecting the functionality. Washing removes insulating body fats and acids that can reduce the conductivity of the silver yarn in the sheet over time. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, then your earthing sheet will last for years like any regular sheet.

Some (real) happy faces that preceded you

    Disclaimer: Dit zijn persoonlijke toegestuurde verhalen en geen claims, elk lichaam is anders. Resultaten kunnen individueel variëren.

From the first moment I experience my bed with the earthing sheet as a welcome embrace as if I am lying in a cloud. I wake up clearly and no longer have stiff muscles. I feel like the Earth is putting a field around my body, which makes me lie evenly warm in bed. Delicious!

Sylvia C. (Nl)
Graphic Designer

After years with a disturbed sleep pattern, it finally starts to normalize. I have been sleeping through 3 days straight since I use my earthing sheet. I am extremely satisfied with it and wish that I discovered this much earlier. Do not hesitate!

Greet V. (B)
Arts & Crafts

I have had the secondary progressive form of MS for 20 years. After 2 days of earthing, I was able to lift my leg again so that I could climb a staircase again. Miraculously I now walk a greater distance with or without a walker and the scoot-mobil is locked in the shed, I can sell it. I tell everyone who wants to know (or not). I'm sooo happy.

Anette K. (Nl)

I have been sleeping on this sheet for about 3 months because of rheumatoid arthritis and ... the pain is considerably less ... from 1200mg ibuprofen a day to 600mg and since last week 400mg ... soon I want to go to 200mg ... So for me this sheet is an absolute winner and a must !!!

Sandra I. C. (Nl)

After 8 years sleeping tablets and treatment center ... now sleep 6 weeks on a sheet and pillowcase !!!! You don't want to know, I am back to normal sleep, it is real, I feel so happy. My neurologist and doctor's reaction was very positive (they had experienced my struggle with not being able to fall asleep). People it really works !!

Jenny v d S. (Nl)

Once you have landed on a grounding sheet you feel the stress completely flowing away from you ... you have energy for 10 again ... I can no longer miss this.

Mia V. (B)

Recommended!! We sleep better, are better rested in the morning, more energy. And my mother has much less osteoarthritis pain !! During the day she is also against the blanket, and after a month we can no longer miss it

Jo F. (Nl)

Hi, I am very happy with my sleeping sheet and pillowcase. Sleep much better and therefore can handle more, feel more energetic. Success with your further spread of this phenomenon.

Alma B. (Nl)
Choir leader

In less than half a year the endometriosis cyst in my abdomen has been reduced from 11 by 9 cm to 6 by 4 cm by sleeping on your earthing sheet every night!

Karin R. (B)
Childcare worker

I only want the best and affordable ...

Of course, that's what we go for!
Aarding ™ distributes the original, medically tested grounding sheets of certified organic cotton with 5% anti-bacterial silver.
This is the ideal cotton/silver ratio to achieve the best absorption of body fluids, perspiration and oils. The silver in your sheet will last for a long time. More silver makes no sense, reduces absorption and makes the products only more expensive.
You can sleep directly on the earthing sheet with a pijama, but you can also perfectly use your own, non-synthetic, top sheet.
With Aarding ™ you not only get the most proven and medically tested grounding products on the market, but also the most affordable solution to ground yourself perfectly and for a long time.

Take action now for your health, without risk.

Grounding works immediately and effectively for everyone. If, for whatever reason, within 2 months, you decide that grounding yourself is not for you, we will respect this and will refund you a full 100% , without judgment or questions. A crystal clear agreement. So you can ground yourself or your loved ones, for 2 months for free, completely without risk.

View the earthing products now, discover the affordable sets and be amazed.

The potential of the Earth, our nature.


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