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Quality of grounding sheets: beware of fake

There are currently grounding products on the market that do not do what they promise and thus put grounding in a bad light.

These are cheap Chinese imitation products with inferior silver and carbon leather that hardly earth up. After a few washes, they almost completely lose their conductivity.

Duurkoop dus, en je wordt er helaas niet gezonder van ...

AARDING™ manufactures and distributes only the highest quality earthing products, which do what they are supposed to do for you, conduct the natural earth electrons to your body. Otherwise nothing happens for you. So you can be 100% sure that nature can do its relaxing and healing work for you perfectly.

Our patented silver yarn is united with the twisted cotton in a hexagonal structure and naturally treated against oxidation during washing. You won't find any better.

We have measured it for you:

The bottom fabric is AARDING™ organic cotton with silver yarn.

The measured resistance (the less the better) of the silver yarn in the fabric between the 2 weights is 0.5 kOhm (0.494).

The fabric on top is Chinese imitation cotton with silver thread.

The measured resistance (the less the better) of the silver yarn in the fabric between the 2 weights is 395 kOhm (394.5).

You can usually recognise counterfeit grounding fabric immediately by the square structure of the silver yarn.
It is also usually claimed that this substance contains 10% silver yarn. In reality, it is only 7.25% of inferior quality.

However, there are also fake grounding fabrics on the market with a rectangular structure that are more difficult to distinguish.


  • The Aarding™ fabric with silver yarn conducts (before washing) 790 times better than the Chinese imitation fabric.
  • It is not about the quantity of silver yarn at all, but about its conductive quality.
  • Chinese imitation material hardly has any effect on your body and loses its effect (conductivity) after a few washes.
  • Fake grounding fabric can therefore not be used with your own sheet above it and with nightwear, which gives it an even shorter lifespan.