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Earth's Eco Strips (36 loads)

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Aarding takes up the challenge for the environment and clean laundry with a revolutionary future-oriented concept that scores in all areas.

We worked with the best in the industry to develop a highly concentrated ecological detergent that is good for your skin, the environment and of course excellent for your laundry.

In addition, it is also safe for the silver yarn in your earthing products.

Just tear a sheet of Earth's Eco Strips into 2, toss it in your wash drum, and push the start button. Easy and perfectly dosed. No more wastage of product, which also saves money, in addition to space and the environment.

Earth's Eco Strips has the following features:

  • Highly concentrated, space-saving
  • dispensable, perfectly dosable
  • Plant-based ingredients, vegan friendly
  • No harmful chemicals for the skin
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Good for color and whites (wash separate)
  • For hot and cold water
  • Extra vigorous washing with added enzymes
  • For all washing machines, including HE and hand wash
  • No plastics in packaging and storage
  • Zero-waste packaging

    Choose from 2 versions:

    • Vegetation (with a light, gentle natural smell)
    • Neutral (for fresh unscented laundry)

    One envelope of Earth's Eco Strips is good for 36 washes and takes up less than 10% space in your laundry room compared to traditional laundry products in powders or liquid. Due to its compactness, it also has a much lower carbon footprint in transport.

    In addition to better health and super clean laundry, our goal is also to help reduce the plastic mountain and to contribute to a better environment. All ingredients of Earth's Eco Strips are fully biodegradable in the environment within a month and for every envelope sold we return a tree to the earth.