Grounding Rod 31 cm (1ft) (Incl. cable 12.2m, 40ft)

This highly conducting earthing rod (31 cm, 1 ft) comes with a fine cable (12.2 m, 40ft).
The attached grounding pin cable is used to link to the pin of the standard connection cable of your sheet, pad, blanket, pillow-case or mat., as an alternative to connecting earthing products to the soil with the standard adapter (grounding plug), if there is no grounded electrical outlet in the vicinity.

To connect more than 1 grounding product to an earthing rod, eg. a sheet and a pillow-case, you will need a splitter (available in 'accessories') or the very handy grounding connection box.

Total reach with the 5m (standard cable) becomes 5m + 12.2m= 17.2m or 40ft.
If necessary, you can add an extra 40ft extension wire to this product to extend your reach to 5m + 12.2m + 12.2m = 29.2 m (95ft)

The discreet cable can simply be installed through the window, which then still closes perfectly.

PS. If you don't have any soil under your bedroom window and you don't have a grounded power outlet nearby, you can still ground through a central heating pipe, they are always grounded through the kettle/burner. For this you use a cable with a crocodile clip or a junction box with a crocodile clip (can be connected neatly for several products).

Grounding yourself during your sleep gives you 7-8 hours of stress relief and healing activity daily.

For extra peace of mind and super safe use, the included cable has a built-in 100 kOhm resistor.

Contact us if you have questions (also reg. earthing and your health) or if something is not clear to you.

Operating instructions

Operating instructions Grounding Rod