Book dutch - Earthing, Je lichaam aarden (336 p., Clinton Ober, S. Sinatra, M. Zucker)

Comprehensive reference book on the phenomenon of 'Earthing' (Grounding). All aspects are extensively discussed and scientifically tested.
Direct contact through the skin with the earth (earthing) is as important as sunlight, air, food. This reduces chronic pain, improves sleep, improves the immune system, accelerates the healing process during illness and reduces stress.

Because continuously walking barefoot outside is almost not possible, special products are designed to be utilized indoors to connect with the healing earth energy, all directly measurable. As such you can easily ground yourself, especially when you're sleeping. specializes in the distribution of these products of high quality.

The authors
Clinton Ober: discovered 'Earthing' and has been years in research
Stephen Sinatra: cardiologist and psychotherapist
Martin Zucker: author of several books on natural medicine