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Radiation Shield for bed, 100% Silver, Grounded (incl. cable 5m and adapter)

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The Grounded Radiation Shieldof 100% silver yarn is the highest-blocking Electromagnetic Sheet available on the market. It guarantees an undisturbed, completely radiation-free night's sleep, and it's also grounded!
An earthing cable (5m) and adapter (earthing plug) are included, as well as clear instructions for use.

It's used as a protecting top sheet, invisibly mounted on your duvet, and if necessary, also to block radiation from beneath the bed when laying on it (see tab 'Usage').

It's also a high-level grounding sheet to lay on for maximum grounding effect for your body and health. It gives a 20cm perimeter around it of perfect neutralization of all frequencies (lower AC current and higher ones like 4-5G, Wifi, etc...)

This Elektrostress Shield blocks all sources of radiation at night ((4G, 5G, WiFi, home cabling, electrical appliances, high voltage, ground radiation, smart meters, ...) in the most efficient way: 99,99% shielding.

It consists of 100% silver yarn and comes in 3 sizes for 1 or 2 persons:

Radiation Shield (S): 150 x 200cm (59" x 79"), 100% silver
Radiation Shield (M): 200 x 200cm (79" x 79"), 100% silver
Radiation Shield (L): 240 x 200cm, (95" x 79"), 100% silver

Note: For the best results, choose the exact size, or smaller, of your duvet (quilt) when used in it. If you lie on it (for bottom shielding and grounding), the shield may be larger than your mattress.

This highly efficient Radiation Shield for beds is lightweight and very comfortable to use. You mount it on top of your duvet (or blanket) and cover it with your own duvet cover. For this, 2 sets (winter & summer duvet) of 4 handy self-adhesive Velcro patches are provided for each corner. On the Radiation Shield itself, the Velcro is pre-mounted. 

It's grounded as well, which is crucial to release its own captured voltage and, upon touching, your own body voltage too. So besides perfectly shielding your entire body from harmful absolutely all frequencies it also carries the extra benefits of grounding you from the top. Ideally also to be combined with a bottom grounding (fitted) bed sheet and/or grounding pillow cover for full grounding besides full shielding.

The earthing connection cable (5m) and wall socket adapter (grounding plug) are included. Choose your English or European adapter. For the US & Canada, there is no adapter required. Just select the default European plug. 

Contact us if you have questions (also reg. shielding or earthing and your health) or if something is not clear to you.


This highly effective Radiation Shield is lightweight and comfortable to use.
It blocks perfectly all:

  • Wifi
  • Mobile up to 5G
  • House cabling
  • High voltage pylons
  • Electric appliances
  • Microwaves
  • Smart meters
  • ...

as a Top Sheet:
It blocks absolutely all radiation frequencies (full spectrum, high and low) that can reach your body from the top, sides and bottom as it neutralizes all frequencies in an area of 20cm around the sheet. This is used in a good combination with a grounded sheet where you lay on.

You also will benefit from its unmatched grounding properties.

You mount this sheet on top or bottom (better grounding) of your duvet andunder your own duvet cover (or top sheet).
For this, 2 sets (winter & summer duvet) of 4 handy self-adhesive Velcro's are provided for each corner of your duvet. You want your Radiation Shield exactly (or close, not bigger) the size of your duvet (quilt)

as a Bottom sheet:
You position the Radiation Shield under your own sheet to block all radiation around your body and also with a perfect grounding.

    Note: since Radiations Shields have no cotton in them to buffer transpiration like Grounding sheets, you can't sleep on them directly (to avoid oxidation of the silver), In this case (when sleeping on it) use your own cover sheet, preferably with as much cotton or another good absorbing fabric.

    You can also combine this 100% silver yarn Shield on top with a grounding sheet under you to ground your body while shielding it.

    Compatibility grounding

    You use a Grounding (fitted) Sheet to ground yourself and a Radiation Shield to keep, besides grounding, all electrosmog (high and low frequencies) out of your body.

    Both are perfectly complementary in use and connections.
    Together, they provide the best natural sleeping environment you can create for yourself.

    You can also use this sheet as a super grounding and radiation blocking sheet to lay on.
    This is also recommended while recovering from intense trauma, injury, medical intervention, or sports event, ...


    The Radiation Shield also works without grounding, but grounding is necessary to neutralize the voltage received by the silver sheet itself. This also gives you the benefits of grounding your body upon touch. It can be connected in the same socket as a grounding sheet.

    The Radiation Shield comes with a standard connection cable of 5m (16ft) and a handy wall socket adapter. Every adapter can hold 2 grounding cables, so you can connect 2 grounding or shielding products with one adapter.
    Choose your English or European adapter. For the US & Canada, there is no adapter required. Just select the default European plug.

    A regular grounded extension cord can also be used to plug the adapter(s) into, as long as this extension cord is also plugged into a grounded wall socket.

    When you don't have an earthed wall socket handy, it's difficult to reach, or while traveling, a grounding rod (also available online) can be used, which very simply connects the sheet to the ground by a fine 12-meter cable. This grounding pin can easily be placed through a window (which can still be closed perfectly) and inserted into the ground, even if you sleep 1 or 2 floors high. The built-in resistor is also provided here for added security and peace of mind.

    Do you live too high for the pin or have no garden or ground under your window? You can also perfectly ground through a metal pipe of your central heating. They are also always earthed via the boiler (by law). For this, we have handy alligator clips available or a distribution box with an alligator clip.


    Radiation Shields are 100% safe for use by elders and children of all ages. 
    They do not consume electricity and never come into contact with it. In fact, they also help to protect you from the electrosmog near you due to the presence of the earth's neutralizing electrons. It is safely connected only to the grounding of your home by the adapter (plug) in a grounded wall socket.

    For your peace of mind, an extra 100 kOhm resistor is always built into the cable, even safe for children and babies.


    A Radiation Shield consists of 100% antibacterial silver yarn and is hardly directly touched by the human body.
    For this, it hardly needs washing as the silver yarn is self-disinfecting. In fact, washing is not necessary at all unless something happens that stains it.

    Then you wash it like any regular grounding sheet: at 40 °, only with a mild detergent for colored laundry. Never wash it with a detergent for white laundry as this contains bleach and will render the silver less shielding and non-conductive.
    We developed our own popular detergent strips for the safety of your grounding and shielding sheets, nature, and also your skin: the Ecostrips

    So never use bleaches, fabric softeners, anti-limescale agents (Calgonit), or natural soap nuts (Seepje, Green Soap, etc.). These will damage the silver thread.

    Preferably, do not tumble dry but air dry to prevent faster wear, as with any other sheet. You can iron at a lower temperature if necessary.


    Shielding always works and has been scientifically tested.
    We never intend to make a claim on the medical outcome of grounding. The information on our site is not intended to replace medical advice. As a result, never delay obtaining medical advice, ignore medical advice, or stop medical treatment.