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Set 2 Plush Pads 50 x 70cm (incl. cables and adapters)

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Two (2) Earthing plush pad (50 x 70cm, 20" x 28"), earthing cable (5m), and adapter (grounding plug) are included.

Our grounding plush pad is made from soft but durable fleece material in a natural color with a very fine silver thread woven in the fabric (30% high-quality cotton, 65% soft polyester fiber and 5% silver thread) and is connected with the earth by a conductive cable so your body is grounded during use. It has a very luxurious soft touch to it. You can use the Plush Earthing Pad at night or in the daytime. As such, in a natural way, you can gradually relieve symptoms and improve your body's self-healing abilities.

Plush pads are very handy:

  • when using a laptop on legs as shield and earthing device
  • as an injury wrap or resting pad for faster earthed healing
  • as a seat cover for continued earthing
  • great for pets, they adore to rest, sleep or recover on it

Contact us if you have questions (also reg. earthing and your health) or if something is not clear to you.


This earthing sheet doesn't consume nor even touch electricity. It is only safely connected to the grounding of your home by the plug (adapter) in an earthed wall socket. You can also use a common earthed extension cord.
For extra safety and peace of mind, the included cable has a 100 kOhm resistor built in. 

When you don't have an earthed wall socket handy, it's difficult to reach or while traveling, an earthing rod (also available) can be used, which very simply connects the blanket to the ground by a fine 12-meter cable. For a quick start just throw it through your bedroom window and plug it into the ground. Your window still closes properly. The 100 kOhm resistor is also built in for extra security and peace of mind.

Do you live too high for the pin or do you not have a garden? Then you can also perfectly ground through a tube of the heater. They are also always grounded via the boiler (by law). For this we have useful alligator clipsavailable.

Washing instructions

Regular washing, every 1 to 2 weeks, is recommended to remove insulating body fats from the silver thread and to clean the cotton that buffers body acids. With your own top (fitted) sheet, monthly washing is fine.

The grounding sheets, pillowcases and blankets can be washed at 40 °; only with a mild detergent for colored laundry, preferably with an ecolabel (what’s good for the skin is good for the silver).

Never use bleaches, fabric softeners, natural soapnuts (Seepje, Green Soap) or anti-limescale. These can damage the silver thread.

Preferably do not tumble dry but dry on a leash to prevent faster wear, as with any other sheet.