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Smart Connection Kit (for Radiation Shield)

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A handy set including
  • 1 Distribution Box
  • 1 Coiled Cable (2 to 4m extended)

The benefits:

  • When using a Radiation Shield on your duvet, it's possible to trip over the provided standard straight grounding wire (5m, 15ft). This could be disadvantageous for the connection patch on the long term. When using a Coiled Cable and a Distribution Box there's enough 'slack' to prevent this from happening. 
  • Together with the Standard Cable (15ft, 5m) which comes with your product, you have now together 23 to 29 ft (7 to 9m) connection from the foot end of your bed to the wall socket.
  • In case you use Shielding and Grounding products together, all your connections happen under your bed and only 1 wire goes to the wall socket (or earthing pin or radiator if you connect as such). A neat solution.
  • You can add easily 3 (or more) other shielding or grounding products to the Distribution Box
How to use

The Coiled Cable connects your Radiation Shield (or another grounding product if you wish, to the Distribution box.
Then you plug your Standard Straight Cable (15ft, 5m) in the Distribution Box and connect this cable to the Socket Adapter in a grounded wall socket. (The Standard Straight Cable and the Socket Adapter come standard with every Shielding or Grounding product).