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Tester for Grounding Products (incl. cable 5 m, 15 ft)

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This grounding product tester comes with a cable and batteries.

Check in one move the conductivity of your earthing sheet, blanket, pad, mat or other grounding product.
It's very simple to use. Keep the button pressed while holding the tester on an earthing product surface. A green light is ok. When the light dims your product is not functioning properly for you.

To check if the grounding works with a connection to a heating pipe or grounding pin, first ground the tester in a different way than the product to be tested, eg with a grounded extension cord in another grounded socket. If you then hold the contact disk of the tester with your hand and at the same time push the test button and touch a grounding product with your other hand, you know if the grounding works if the green light stays on.

Attention! When your grounding product is connected with an adapter, you cannot test the functionning of the grounding itself, you can only test the conductivity of your product, so if it is still in functionning order. For this you need the Body Voltmeter.

With the Body Voltmeter you effectively measure how your body tension drops when you touch a well-grounded product in whatever way it is connected. Then you also know immediately if everything is linked correctly and if it works for you.

With the Tester for Sockets (also available) you can immediately see if the grounding of your earthed socket works well, if it's connected to earth.

Operating instructions

Product Tester Manual